214. Editorial Note

Major hurricanes struck the Yucatán Peninsula and Tampico on September 20 and 29. The resultant floods created an emergency which prompted the Mexican Government to request assistance from the United States. In a memorandum to the President, dated October 19, Secretary Dulles reported on the relief efforts made by the Navy, the other Services, the Red Cross, and private organizations. The Secretary wrote in part: “American aid to Mexico in her great tragedy coupled with Mexican gratitude therefor may well have an important bearing on the future course of our relations, for almost as satisfying as the rescue operation itself has been the Mexican response. The recognition and the outpouring of gratitude have been little short of phenomenal. It is safe to say that at no period in the history of the United States-Mexican relations has the United States been held in such high regard by both the Mexican Government and people.” (Department of State, Holland Files: Lot 57 D 295, Mexico)